some feedback re version 2113

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some feedback re version 2113

Post by Barry4679 »

Be in Grid view .. Be in Music>AlbumArtist ... Single click an AlbumArtist ... this open an inset row showing the artists album ... e.png?dl=0
Double click an album to get the detail screen for the album
If you then use the menus back button, it goes back to Muisc>AlbumArtists without the opened row for the artists albums ... ie. not where I just came from
This is not helpful, can it be improved?

It is different to Music>AlbumArtists ... this time double click an Artist to get the Artist page, which also shows an inset row for the artist's albums
Double click an album to get the same album page.
This time the menu back button takes us back to the open inset row of the artists albums ... which is better.

The Online tab for an Artist list the artist's albums. It looks like you populate this list using the Artist tag as a filter when viewing in Album&Tracks mode. ie. Various Artists album such as "The 100 Best Jazz Tunes of the 1950's" don't show up in Donald Byrd's list when in Album Grid view, but they are front and centre in Album&Tracks view. ... there are multiple examples of Various Artists type albums if I scroll through Album&tracks view, but none in the Album Grid matrix. ... m.png?dl=0

I get this Crash ID while viewing the "online" tab for an album page: 6AE5C9CE ... after this the UI is frozen ... can only be terminated via the Windows Task Manager

Also crash ID 6AE564D1 ... double click on an artist to open their artist page, switch to the Online tab ... double click an album while in online tab, then click the library tab to switch to that album in my collection

I often see Album&Tracks view all screwed up. See these two different issues ... t.png?dl=0 ... This one happens a lot. It looks you are using stale value for the summary column. ... s.png?dl=0

Also sometimes in Bjork had an album in 2017, but not that one ... k.png?dl=0
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Re: some feedback re version 2113

Post by MiPi »

Thanks for your feedback, we will look at it.

Re Björk and Distant Light album - we read this info from MusicBrainz database, this album is written there among albums of the artist (see ... 522fb7f3cb ), that is why we display it. It should probably have "Various artists" artist, instead of all artists there. The last album of Björk (Utopia) is really missing in MM5, we will try to fix this (probably some problems with MusicBrainz database updates).
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