2113: Sort resets during auto-organize [#14913]

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2113: Sort resets during auto-organize [#14913]

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There's no crash, so I'll try to describe what I'm seeing. When I add music to the library, I sort the All Tracks view by Added so I can review the files that were just added so i can set my genre, force the update of metadata, and level the volume. I don't know if this is the best way to do this, but it's uncovered something.

1. Go to All tracks and add the Added column
2. Sort by Added (descending) so the most recent are at the top. The "arrow" next to the header is pointing down.
3. I select a row and press Ctrl-Home to get me to the top row. Now I have the view I want to stay on so I can see the new files being added (this works in MM4)
4. I drop a bunch of files in my library folder and auto-organize brings them in.
5. Problem: The UI moves focus to what is now the "bottom" of the list. I'm guessing this is what's happening: When the library is being updated by auto-organize,the UI refreshes, BUT, it's using the default sort, not the manual one I have in place.
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Re: 2113: Sort resets during auto-organize

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Thanks. Added into mantis as 14913.
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