Some requests/bugs & questions

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Re: Some requests/bugs & questions

Post by MiPi »

Automatic folder update added as:

Re beta - I have no additional info, just focusing on fixing bugs, hopefully soon :)

Re feature requests:
- hotkey could be added, but I am not sure about this, it could be quite dangerous one.
- split view is nice idea, but currently probably not easy to implement, maybe in some future version. Stability is priority now.
- shortcut for tab switching could be added
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Re: Some requests/bugs & questions

Post by Fram »

Hi guys!!

I want to congratulate you for releasing the beta version! For now on i will try to use it every day and incorporate in my current workflow.
I tested it a little and i noticed the following:

1.1. it will be useful to add the shortcuts from MM4 like: Playback: Skip 5 Seconds Backward/Forward, Rating now plating file: Rate "x" Stars.
1.2. what's the difference between: "Edit: Remove" & "Edit: Remove (permanent)" ? From what i've seen both options permanent delete the files without adding them to Recycle Bin (this is not good at all). My opinion is that it shouldn't be a "permanent delete", all the deletions should be sent to Recycle Bin. I would still love to add the possibility/hotkey to delete (send to Recycle Bin) the Current playing track without any notification message ...I use this A LOT in MM4 with the help of a script found here.
1.3. Can you add a hotkey to "Find currently playing track" in a tree list folder/playlist view ?
1.4. Can you add the functionality to open a folder/playlist in a new tab using middle click (just like in MM4)

2.1. Sometimes when i switch from MiniPlayerView to MaximizeView (Not Full Screen) the skin/view of the player isn't properly loaded
here are 2 print screens: & (you can see the black unloaded bar at the top in the first uploaded picture and the bottom bar in the second picture).
2.2. I think the old "ALL" button under every Folder with the functionality of "Display folders content recursively" was much more practical and well positioned than the current solution, it was just right under your nose :)) ...I personally miss it.
2.3. The "File Proprieties", "Convert Files", "Auto-organize", "Options", etc. windows still opens really slow compared with MM4.
2.4. Switching tabs has a visible delay compared to MM4.
2.5. if you press SHIFT for horizontally scrolling the vertical one will activate also.

Media Conversion:
3. about "Convert file(s), replacing the originals": I know that after conversion MM delete the original file. I use this functionality and i really like it how it works, despite one thing: It can be done to delete the fie after conversion and place it in Recycle Bin? I think it will be more safe this way. if somethings "bad" happens you can recover the file from Recycle Bin.

4. The auto-update feature in conjunction with contextual search.
At this moment if someone press F5 in order to refresh, the whole view is refreshed. It can be made that the refresh action only show the results of the SEARCH? without refreshing the whole view? In some views i have 3000+ files and after each refresh the display speed is around 100 tracks/second. It's very frustrating to wait this amount of time after each refresh.
I usually edit, rename, delete, add, convert different files in this big views so periodically I need to give a refresh to what i want to search. That's why in my case the auto-update feature is everything...because of it, i don't need to refresh each time i make changes to some files.
I've tested the auto-update feature and it works good (it have some delay but i really appreciate that you guys implemented it). So the only thing left is this SEARCH thing. It would be perfect if it worked as in Windows Explorer, almost instantly.
Also auto-update doesn't work in the Tree List View (if a folder is created/deleted/renamed)

5. I think i've asked this before but you can add favorite folders into the tree view? Every time i want to explore a specific folder i need to manually surf to that location.

6. CTRL-C (copy file) and CTRL-V (paste) from one view to another doesn't work. It will copy in the parent folder of the orginal view, not the specific view that i'm located in. Didn't tested if CTRC-X (cut) work but i think is the same story.

7. How i can use MM5 as a default player? At this moment if i try to select Open With: ---and browse to MM5 folder and select MediaMonkey.exe , the file will open in MM4. I don't want to uninstall MM4, I just want to use MM5 as a default player.

8. Drag&Drop files to other programs still doesn't work.

I encountered two errors and 3 unknown freezes:
- ID: C4919ADE - In Options -> General -> I unchecked "Enable smooth scrolling" and checked "Submit anonymous usage..." . After pressing OK this error occurred.
- ID: C6C6F68B - when i've tried to convert 1 aiff & 3 mp3s files into flac.

Thank you!
Have a nice day & Merry Christmas!
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Re: Some requests/bugs & questions

Post by Jaani »

8. Drag&Drop files to other programs still doesn't work.
It's a long time that D&D functionality isn't working and I'm wondering if it will be fixed in the close future? It's really an important feature for my workflow.
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Re: Some requests/bugs & questions

Post by PetrCBR »

It's not fixed yet as D&D from chrome browser is limited and i didn't found a way how to fix. Hopefully i'll be albe to find any workaround.
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