Randomize now playing / playlist

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Randomize now playing / playlist

Post by patch »

Is it possible to randomize the now playing playlist in MediaMonkey 5?
I'm aware I can enable shuffle however in practice the shuffle algorithm plays some songs much more than others (have a 160 hour playlist which I play for about 4 hours twice a week).

The functionality I'm looking for is similar to:
MediaMonkey 4 -> "Now Playing" sub-window -> select "Edit" menu -> "Randomise List"
Playing that list then ensures all songs are played once before being repeated, despite restarting the computer multiple times.
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Re: Randomize now playing / playlist

Post by malkierian »

There's always a randomize button at the top of a playlist/track view, looks like the shuffle button. It's next to the play button. That will add the playlist/tracks to now playing randomly without using the shuffle algorithm for playback.

The functionality you describe is also available, in the drop-down menu (three periods) at the top left of the now playing list.
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