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2117 feedback [#15021][#15022]

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08339CD6: returning from an album detail panel (ie. the one you get when you double click an album). UI froze, and after a while it threw this error. .... UI remains frozen. The "restart" option opens a completely white window ... the only option is to abend MM5 via Windows Task Manager

D48A47D4 "The object isn't locked!" ... this seems to be a new one ... I have seen it two or three times while busy chasing some other problem

Years navigation

There is no way to navigate to the following|previous year, or up to the decade

eg. EntireLibrary>Albums ... double click an album to open the album detail panel .... the album's release date is a hyperlink on the top line of the panel ... click the hyperlink to see which other albums were released that year ... it would be useful to have buttons which navigated to the following|previous year, or the decade

Album Grids

EntireLibrary>Albums ... Art View ... the "Sort By" options are Album and ReleaseDate ... sort by AlbumArtist and Custom field options would be useful additions ... ie. in the menu and the Configure View facility ... the current offering seems a bit lame

The Album Grid on the Artist detail panel offers no sort options, it is hard wired to ReleaseDate

The album matrix is named "Album Grid" in the Artist Detail panel, but a similar view is named "Art View" in Albums Node. ... Having a common name would be good.

Album detail panel

EntireLibrary>Albums> ... double click an album ... this Album Detail panel has MyLibrary & Online tabs ... both tabss contain the "online" notes & "online" Genres for the album. ... it would help if the MyLibrary panel also had my notes (aka Comments) and my genres for the album .... the genres that you show are hyperlinks. Since you don't don't show my genres, these hyperlinks often lead to empty genre containers.

It would good if the Album Detail panels had left|right arrows for navigation within the container we have come from (ie. within the same AlbumArtist or Genre or Publisher, etc, or within the Album sub-node for whatever custom index we are in)
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Re: 2117 feedback

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re Album Grid: i've added Album Artist as a next sorting option
re "The object isn't locked!" error: should be fixed in 2118
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Re: 2117 feedback

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