Send To Device should Add to Queue [#15035]

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Send To Device should Add to Queue [#15035]

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So I've noticed, especially recently, that MM has a bad habit of freezing up when trying to "Send To" more than one thing at a time to a device, and in all reality, there should only be one queue for sending something to a device (like a phone, for instance), because they always have issues with multiple transfers (most of the time, Windows File Explorer won't even work right if something is being copied to a phone, especially in MTP mode). There really should be a queue of transfer tasks, instead of allowing everything to happen at once (even if it's a hard drive and can handle it, it slows things down considerably to have to switch between 4 or 5 different transfer tasks on the same disk).
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Re: Send To Device should Add to Queue

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Thanks for pointing this out, to be fixed as
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