Auto-tag source priorties are not saved correctly [#14486]

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Auto-tag source priorties are not saved correctly [#14486]

Post by TIV73 »

Hi there,
the priority or enabled/disabled state of auto-tag sources can be configured but changes are not saved

Steps to reproduce
- Open the Options Menu and navigate to Metadata lookup
- Click the 'Set sources' button in the Auto-tagging section
- Change the list by disabling entries and/or rearranging them
- Confirm the dialog
- Click the 'Set sources' button again
=> All entries are restored to their default state and order

This doesn't seem to be a display issue since changes made in the list of sources are also not respected by the Auto-tagging function. This only occurs for auto-tag sources, lyrics sources work fine.

Please note that this behavior wasn't introduced in rev 2045. It's been like that some while, but I figured I should probably report it at some point.
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Re: 2045: auto-tag source priorties are not saved correctly

Post by PetrCBR »

Auto-tag options dialog is outdated. Tracked as 14486.
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