2145: what db is it working against?

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2145: what db is it working against?

Post by dtsig »

We have been forced to use portable install. I have done a lot of work on my DB cleaning etc. I installed 2145 and is said something about updating the db i think .. but it appears that it is now working against an old 4.x db .. not the current db.
Is it as simple as copying the db from the portable to the user\appdata\roaming\mediamonkey5?
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Re: 2145: what db is it working against?

Post by Barry4679 »

see: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... 30&t=93422

you have your MM4 db in a custom location?
maybe you also have an old mm4 db (which MM4 doesn't use) in the default MM4 db location?
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Re: 2145: what db is it working against?

Post by AlanH »

MM5 kept populating an old database for me as well, I’ve not used a portable installation in MM4 ages and even then it was on a different drive,

My first thought was it wasn’t using MM4 database but an old MM5 database as I had no conformation that it was upgrading the database , once I went in and manually deleted the MM5 database this resolved: I had to manually do it as when I ran the database mantainance tool it gave me an error about not being able copy to new database.
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