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Juke Box [#15310]

Post by Kiwisa »

Hi All,

Am wondering if MM can be used with a touch screen, am basically wanting to build a juke box for my home entertainment room, wanting to run a touch screen to the surround sound and TV so it can play videos etc. but also function as a juke box so people can choose songs etc. so am looking for a one size fits all program
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Re: Juke Box

Post by Peke »

MM5 have Touchscreen mode, also for MMW you can use Party mode to limit function others have access to.
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Re: Juke Box

Post by djsimon »

i also want to do the same "Jukebox" idea, but i want to have the software boot automatically on windows boot up and open in party mode automatically, how can i do this and where can i get MM5?
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Re: Juke Box

Post by Ludek »

You can use menu View > Mode > Touch
this mode is persistent after MM5 restart.
You can also use menu View > Party Mode (Ctrl+Alt+M) as used to be in MM4 (can be combined with the Touch mode)

As for the auto-start party mode after boot. There used to be a command line option to start in party mode, in MM4 it was
'MediaMonkey.exe /party'

Just seeing that this hasn't been ported to MM5 yet, to be fixed as https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=15310
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