Sync MM->mobile phone [#15422]

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Sync MM->mobile phone [#15422]

Post by Barry4679 »

I tried a wired sync to my Pixel XL2 phone; summary:
  • is flaky via USB3 ... USB2 is more stable
  • when I open the node for my phone the wheel spins forever, even though it is not configured for "Scan as soon as device is connected" ... only way to stop is to open a sub-node like Music
  • auto-generated playlists not created on my phone
  • tracks sync to phone OK
  • a dump
  • debug log link for most of this emailed to Ludek
  • start debug
  • start MM5
  • attach phone to PC via USB cable
  • in phone, toggle USB mode from Charging to File Transfer
  • phone shows a Connected in Devices&Services
  • the device is NOT configured as "Scan as soon as device is connected", but the wheel starts spinning at the left on the toolbar? .... spins and spins and spins ... doesn't look like it is going to end ... so, continue regardless
  • in "Auto-Sync (=>Device)" tab, configure a couple of MM custom collections to be sync'd to device
  • press Sync Now
  • dump 7BCC6A48
  • select reboot MM5 option from your error dbox
  • try again ... this time there was an error report ..nb. the inaccessible tracks are expected, as the MM download facility left them in the wrong location, as already reported ... but the "trouble connecting" message seems to be related to MM instability with USB3
  • no sync log
  • I selected a few playlists for syncing on the "Auto Sync(->Device)" tab ... they were sync'd OK, but still none of the playlists I asked you to generate
The scrolling list available via Devices&Services>MyPhone Tracks seems to have a size limitation ... it lists just the 1st 285 of my 1,473 sync'd tracks ... from 286 tracks forwards the rows are created, but they are not populated ... d.png?dl=0

Try downloading the Album The Heat Is On by The Isley Brothers from GPM ... it doesn't seem to like the track name (embedded ampersand probably) ... it seems to require you to answer the same question over and over again. .... a couple times MM has ceased up for me here, requiring end via the Task manager ... maybe a dbox hidden where I can't see it? .... if this doesn't happen for you, try answer "yes" to the dbox at least once. ... n.png?dl=0
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Re: 2152: Sync MM->mobile phone

Post by Ludek »

FYI: All issues should be fixed in 2061, with except for:

- "trouble connecting" message and USB3 instability, this is not fixable in MM, it is issue on the file transfer layer (MTP) itself. Try USB driver re-install or switching to USB2 (or WiFi sync)

- playlists are generated for artists items only when individual artist items are selected, like Music > Artist > [x] ABBA -- generates playlist for ABBA
If you selected whole '[x] Music' collection node then no playlists are generated.
You can choose individual playlists under Playlists node (or check whole '[x] Playlists' node) to generate device playlists for your library playlists
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