scrobbling problems [#15598]

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Contact: scrobbling problems [#15598]

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I'm really enjoying using MM5 - great work and thanks! I however experience problems regarding scrobbling to - some music is not transmitted (mostly classical music). Logging in DbgView it seems to be a problem with special characters. From the log:

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[11756] MM5 [4128](R) error makeHTTPRequest error status 400: {"error":13,"message":"Invalid method signature supplied"}, query: album=Schoenberg%2C%20Bartok%2C%20Hindemith&api_key=9073fd21e34ad72c506f82a992e66931&artist=English%20Chamber%20Orchestra&duration=163&method=track.updateNowPlaying&sk=KvcADvaQb_-07A4R2_TC5Dg5uulJgP1F&track=Verkl%C3%A4rte%20Nacht%20-%201.%20Sehr%20langsam&trackNumber=01&api_sig=5cdb0f58343353d384e039622ea8dffe&format=json
The piece is called: Verklärte Nacht.

Another one:

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[11756] [11756] MM5 [4128](R) error makeHTTPRequest error status 400: {"error":13,"message":"Invalid method signature supplied"}, query: album=Chopin%3A%2010%20Mazurkas%2C%20Pr%C3%A9lude%20Op.%2045%2C%20Ballade%20Op.%2023%20%26%20Scherzo%20Op.%2031&api_key=9073fd21e34ad72c506f82a992e66931&artist=Arturo%20Benedetti%20Michelangeli&duration=125&method=track.scrobble&sk=KvcADvaQb_-07A4R2_TC5Dg5uulJgP1F&timestamp=1555161739&track=Mazurka%20No.%2045%20in%20G%20Minor%2C%20Op.%2067%2C%20No.%202%3A%20Cantabile&trackNumber=1&api_sig=6ea681d487d07e132f456b520e61453d&format=json
Here I guess the problem is the album-title: Chopin: 10 Mazurkas, Prélude Op. 45, Ballade Op. 23 & Scherzo Op. 31

Might there be a solution to this problem? It is - of course - not a big one, still it'd be nice if it worked.
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Re: scrobbling problems

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Thanks for reporting, I will look at it, tracked here:
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