MM5 in touch mode problem

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MM5 in touch mode problem

Post by gamb2009 »

I have just owned one of those laptops whose screen you can fold completely backwards to work with it as a tablet (HP ENVY x380).

I had the bad idea to try MM in tablet mode. First, everything went well. I have to say that just now I have found a lot of sense and good ideas behind MM5 interface, with lots of good surpises about the logic of the screens and new tools to make available to the user, functions that needs the keyboard to be actvated. Impressive work you have done, gents. Everything nice untill I decided to unfold my PC back to PC Mode in order to edit the information in one track using the real keyboard. Then many things has gone wrong and some of them, unreversible:

1) MM5 has not detected the new configuration, and keeps stuck in Touch Mode. The layout without left or right panel is kept. I can activate the left, but the View menu, and the "Configure layout" option keeps showing the choices available when you are in Touch mode only. Shutting down MM and loading it again, does not work. A solution for me was to uninstall "Touch Mode" extension. When I did it, The complete layout and menus options of the PC Mode interface came back.

2) I can't tell exactly when it happened triying to restore things but everything now is double spaced in the Media Tree or in the tracklists.

I tried to reinstall MM but... it does not fix the problem.

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Re: MM5 in touch mode problem

Post by PetrCBR »

You can switch to desktop mode manually using View/Mode/Desktop menu item. It was probably didn't detected you switched back to desktop mode ... will check it out.
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