Confirmation window resizes itself

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Confirmation window resizes itself

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Hi staff,

deleting entries from the playing list the confirmation window (delete only from playlist, delete from library, delete from computer too) resizes itself from normal to a very small size. The width is reduced to the length of the yes and no buttons. It reduces itself after opening. So i see it like an animation. The text is still readable though. That's why it isn't that annoying. It just looks silly and is consuming time. It happens since weeks and a lot of betas. I was to lame to tell about ;-).

Maybe you need this information about the configuration:

single monitor
resolution 2560 x 1440
user defined scaling to 110
Material design (dark)

Greetings from Berlin

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Re: Confirmation window resizes itself

Post by PetrCBR »

Will check. Thanks for reporting that ;-).
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