2220 - back-button crash

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2220 - back-button crash

Post by Barry4679 »

  • open EntireLIbrary>Album sub-node, in Grid view
click on an album's artist name, to go ... tail panel
  • click the back button
"datasource unassigned" ... Crash requires termination by the Windows task Manager ... ie. Restart or Safe Restart don't work ... do they ever work?

debug log download link also PM'd to Ludek
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Re: 2020 - back-button crash

Post by BMF »

Same here, though i did not have to kill the taks via task manager.
nothing but a bmf ....
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Re: 2220 - back-button crash

Post by Ludek »

Thanks, I replicated it another way, but it seems to be the same crash:
Will be fixed as https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=16262
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