Multi Monitor Support

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Multi Monitor Support

Post by MikeGahrns » Sun Apr 26, 2020 1:09 pm

I have several monitors and when organizing my music I would love to be able to spread out views of MM across my multiple monitors. It is very limiting to have MM on just one monitor, and to be able to see only 1 tab at a time.

For example, I might have a playlist that I want to add a song to and want to do a search to find the next song to add. Why not allow the playlist to float in its own separate window and the search results in another window, potentially on a different monitor so that I can see everything simultaneously?

I get that some people like having tabs to group things together, but I would say there are just as many people who like to be able to spread things out, especially if you have multi monitors and lots of screen real-estate.

There are lots of ways you could implement this, but maybe the most natural would be to mimic what is done with browsers. e.g. allow you to specify whether to open something in a new tab or a new window. Barring that, just being able to grab a tab and drag it off of the main program to open into another window outside of the main MM5 window would be awesome.

It would open a ton of new workflows, like being able to have multiple playlists open at the same time, drag and drop songs between them, have a cool now playing artwork just showing on a separate monitor, etc.

MM4 allowed "Now Playing" to be a separate window that you could float away from the main window. I never understood why all tabs were not treated like this in MM4, but I see that in MM5, "Now Playing" is not even a separate window and seems to have taken a step back.

Thanks for your consideration