MM5 feature suggestion - Auto-tag - force or prioritize same album for set of tracks to be tagged

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MM5 feature suggestion - Auto-tag - force or prioritize same album for set of tracks to be tagged

Post by aboelen » Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:16 am

The auto-tag functionality is a great aid in structuring my music collection. Although I would like some things work different.

When I rip a CD with a collection of tracks of individual artists (like some themed collection) I would like this set of tracks to appear in my digital collection as one album. In the current auto-tagging process the tracks are considered as independent tracks and are in many cases recognized as the track from that specific artist on one of his/her own albums (the fingerprint for that track and the track on the collection is probably identical) in stead of being recognized as part of another (collection) album. The current auto-tag process generates for example 10 different albums with one or two tracks.

I can think of several ways to solve this, but be glad to hear other solutions:
Option 1:
Have an option (per auto-tag action and/or globally) to prevail tagging as part of a collection (where the current selection is considered to be one album) then as individual tracks.
Option 2:
Get a selection of possible albums for each track to choose from. This option could be cumbersome with a large set (50 best tracks, 100 movie soundtracks and alike) because you will have to choose the album for each track. Unless of course it is integrated in option 1... then you could 'pin' a specific album as the album for all tracks. Obvious mismatches between the fingerprint belonging to an album and the current fingerprint of a track in the selection should then be marked to prevent mishaps.
Option 3:
Be able to select which columns to change the tags to the suggested tags. Now you can only select to change all the tags or none per track. If you could deselect a column you could e.g. turn off the columns for track# and album while lyrics and track title can be changed to the suggested new value.

Just to support in making MM5 the best.
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Re: MM5 feature suggestion - Auto-tag - force or prioritize same album for set of tracks to be tagged

Post by Lowlander » Fri Jul 10, 2020 1:25 pm

An option to to Allow Compilations has been added to address this.
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