MM5 icon suggestions

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MM5 icon suggestions

Post by Phuler »

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Also, you'll notice that this latest build has a different icon (it's the icon from the version of MediaMonkey that was available on the Windows Store a few years back). We were experimenting with it, but probably won't stick with it. If you're graphically talented and have some different ideas for a MediaMonkey icon, please share them in the forum. Thanks!
Following the excess of free time during the current situation I present my suggestion for the MM5 icon.

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Re: MM5 icon suggestion

Post by jiri »

That's a good one! 8)
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MediaMonkey 5: Skinnable Logo Concept

Post by drakinite »

Hey guys,

I've been talking with Peke offline about the MM5 logo, and my idea to allow the logo to change depending on the skin that you use. I made two concepts: One based on both the existing MM logo and the default skin, Material Design Dark; and the other based on Peke's design and the Monkey Groove skin. Peke liked my ideas, and suggested that I publish it to see what everybody thinks.

In short, I think that MediaMonkey would benefit from having a logo that changes depending on the skin being used. For example, If I am using a skin that is white and blue, I wouldn't want the logo to be black and yellow; and if I am using a skin that is black and orange, I wouldn't want the logo to be white and blue. Skins should be able to use their own custom version of the MediaMonkey logo, and the program can change the icon in the start menu and on the taskbar when it changes skin. MediaMonkey can also create design guidelines for skinned logos, to keep consistent among different skins. For example, suggesting using the monkey shape as a base and requiring that the 150x150 and 70x70 tiles for Win10 are positioned /sized properly.

Here are my two concepts for logos that are associated with Material Dark and Monkey Groove, respectively.
Image Image

Here are 150x150 tiles for both, which include a subtle drop shadow.
Image Image

I am using the former in my installation of MM5, and I personally love the way it looks. I feel like it fits very well with how the program looks, and I also feel like it is close enough to the original logo that it can be viewed as a reasonable successor. (Also, I renamed my Start Menu shortcut "MediaMonkey" instead of "MediaMonkey 5" because the 5 went on a new line, and it looked weird by itself. Perhaps in the official release, if you need 5 in the name to differentiate it from version 4, the start menu shortcut could be named "MediaMonkey Version 5." If that is the case, then the 150x150 tile would need to be positioned a little bit higher to make space for the two lines of text.)
Image Image

I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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Re: MediaMonkey 5: Skinnable Logo Concept

Post by Peke »

Guilty as charged, I really like them. Current MM5 Icon look was driven to be more close to Material design, but not as flat.

But sometimes I really miss MM2 icon I painted on TShirt and will be wearing this summer also.
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Re: MediaMonkey 5: Skinnable Logo Concept

Post by Lowlander »

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