2261 - exiting contextual search control

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2261 - exiting contextual search control

Post by Barry4679 »

This from recent discussion in Mantis issue 0015185:

17) If the user enters a search term and presses ENTER, then pressing BACK causes the view to go back to the parent view, when what would be expected is for the search term to be deleted (and MM remain in the current view).
18) Usability improvment: Pressing ENTER causes focus to switch to the tracklist which causes pressing ENTER again to initiate playback. This is annoying because it deletes the currently playing list, when the user actually expects MM to just highlight the next match.
17/18) It was suggested somewhere in the past that presing ENTER should leave the search bar and switch focus to the current view. Thus both 17&18 are actually expacted behaviours.
i.e. If you don't want to switch focus from search bar to the current view then just don't press ENTER.
I don't think that the response is 100% correct. In 2261, it doesn't appear that focus has been switched back to the main panel successfully, because the up|down arrows are not activated. ... btw the same thing happens if I exit the Contextual mSearch control via is Close control.
Can this be improved?

BTW I think that the original request for point 17 was the better way to go ... my reason is because an enter key is required to activate a Advanced Search, and it is ignored for a Global search ... so it would seem to be confusing when it causes panel navigation in Contextual search context ... due to muscle memory issues. .... and the point re use of the Back button to empty the search control would be useful too.