2261 - MM5 database

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2261 - MM5 database

Post by Barry4679 »

Maybe I am reading the MM5.db header incorrectly, but it looks like MM5 is using version 3.23.01 of the sqllite engine?
That is a big improvement over what MM4 was using, but it still very old.
That version is over two years old, and there have been 20 updates since then, including performance and database integrity improvements.

Since MM5 is a rewrite shouldn't it be based upon the latest stable version, and shouldn't we be beta testing it using the best available?
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Re: 2261 - MM5 database

Post by Peke »

As MM5 and MM4 are still crossing with each other during migration, we decided to use that version and for MM5 5.0.1 it is very possible that we will update to latest version of Libraries eg. Chromium, SQLite, ...

ATM stability is priority and changing SQLite engine can make issues.
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