2262 - Summary column behaviour in MM4 was better

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2262 - Summary column behaviour in MM4 was better

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The Summary column is available in ListByAlbum view ... ie. I am not talking about the TrackSummary column.

In MM4 a click in a Summary column cell selected the whole album.
And in MM4 a click on the Summary column header re-sorted the rows, to group the whole album together again.

In MM5 a click in a Summary column cell deselects whatever you had selected, but it selects nothing.
This whole-album selection behaviour has switched to the album art thumbnail, which is unexpected because it is different to MM4, and the expectation is that that click would display the art in a fullsize window.

And a MM5 click on the column header has no affect upon row sorting. ... This is inconvenient ... ie. if I display the Summary column, I probably don't don't also display the Album column, because it would be a duplication ... so if I sort the display by some column which ungroups the album, eg by track title ... the missing column click behaviour makes it difficult to regroup the album display again.