2262 - Folder node

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2262 - Folder node

Post by Barry4679 »

1> if you initiate a drag and drop from the Folder node in the Media Tree, but then cancel the request by releasing the mouse button when back at the original source location, the result is a recursive mess in the source folder ... eg /x/y/z becomes x/y/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z with the tracks spread across the various z folders.

2> F5 (or the View|Refresh menu option) are ignored in the centre panels of the Folder display ... ie. cut and paste an album from the centre panel to some other location in the Media Tree ... F5|Refresh is ignored

3> I got many crashes while playing with the Folder nodes ... 6 I think, and two were immediate white screens without sending you a dump ... dump one & two & three & four

FWIIW I think that the new Folder node is by far my least favourite part of the new MM5 UI. ... I think that is going to be very unpopular.

The UI is too complex, with too many moving parts, and it is also laggy which creates doubt about what, if anything, has happened.
It is also really unclear how that facility was designed to be used.

I think that it would be greatly improved if you restricted drag and drop actions to be just within the Folder node in the Media Tree, or between the Media Tree Folder node and to|from the (optional) Folders tree in the Folders centre panel. The Grid and List parts in the main panel currently also act as drop targets, but it is easy to get an unexpected result.

Here is an unexpected result. .. It looks good ... ie. an artist, with four album folders, each containing a bunch of tracks
But what is really there is an Artist folder, containing four empty folders, and all tracks dumped together at the artist level.
With all the crashes I don't know exactly which operation I did to cause this ... but the point is that I don't think that the List and Grid should be drop targets ... one is representing the physical folders, and the other visual representation of track tagging.

Here is another example ... I appear to have selected the whole artist, by selecting both of his albums ... then I am taking the New Folder context menu option ... I was expecting the folder to be create within the artist ... but it was created within one of the existing albums.

These operations would a lot clearer, and therefore safer, if working with one, or between two, folder trees. ... The Grid and List are good for browsing and initiating track plays, etc