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Create Reports (statistics) [#17124]

Post by Countryboy »

Testing MM5 with a small set of files, everything seems to be working good and syncing with iphone also.
I listened to a couple of albums on my iphone and synced back adjusted the play counts correctly however when I create reports (statistics) those album I listened to on my iphone are not appearing on the report although play count is correct in MM history. Assuming the information is different from MM history vs database?

Anyways not sure if this normal or been raised before.
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Re: Create Reports (statistics)

Post by Ludek »

I analyzed it and entered as

Seems a long-standing issue (has been always in MM4 too), tech details in the description of the Mantis issue.
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Re: Create Reports (statistics) [#17124]

Post by Countryboy »

Now that you mentioned it, I have been using this script in MM4 in the past viewtopic.php?p=161971#p161971
to update last history played date as I would get discrepancies (I wasn't sure why but it now makes sense) - I never really noticed the statistic report in mm4 before because of the volume of play history. Only noticed while testing in MM5 since I only loaded a handful of albums.

Add LastPlayedDate as a HistoryPlay
This function looks for tracks which have:
- More playcount than in MM's internal History
- Current LastPlayedDate doesn't exist as a play in the History
You can then add the LastPlayedDate as a HistoryPlay
Useful to create one accurate HistoryPlay from portable devices
which synchs LastPlayedDate and increases the PlayCount.
Use it after you have synched your device to MM
Tracks that have been played more than once on the device
needs to get more HistoryPlays created. Use AddPlays for that.
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