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Current playlist

Post by Graves »


I just noticed that in MM you can't send/sync your current playlist to a portable device/CDRW ASO any more (as you could in MM4). You'll have to save the playlist first, then navigate to playlists, where you finally find these functions.

Also, "Play Now" will erase your current playlist again, regardless of the setting "Default Action 'Play Now'". I think this had already been fixed in one earlier Beta version (by adding the Default Action setting ^_^)...

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Re: Current playlist

Post by Lowlander »

1) Burning is not available in MediaMonkey 5: ... 77#p480177

2) However, right click on Playlist in Playlist node, Send To > device (sync) should still be available.

3) Setting Default 'Play Now' action to Play selected files only doesn't erase the Playing here. It will with the other 2 Clear list options: ... k_Settings
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Re: Current playlist

Post by rusty »

Re. item 3) , check that Tools > Options > Playback rules > Music (or other Type) > 'Play Now' action is set to 'Default' . Otherwise it overrides the setting at Tools > Options > Playing > Default 'Play Now' action

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