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Collapse / Show all X tracks

Post by Countryboy »

My main view is setup under "All tracks" and have it setup as List (by Albums) with column filter. Is there a way to remove the option to show or collapse all tracks for each album? I have it setup to see the full listing of tracks all the time therefore I am not using the collapse option and find it annoying to see it under every album on this particular view.
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Re: Collapse / Show all X tracks

Post by Lowlander »

There is no method for this.
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Re: Collapse / Show all X tracks

Post by IanRTaylorUK »

Take a look at the add-on / extension 3D Album View. It might offer an "alternative" view to meet your needs?


Use with either:
a). Entire library / Albums
b). Music / Albums
c). User Defined Collections / Albums e.g. a particular date range / genre....

"Warp" to an album by typing a single letter and moving left / right.

When album selected, click on album name to get the full track list. Use the

Use Backspace to revert to the 3D Album view and move to next album.

As a bonus, if you have Online selected, you should get the WikiPedia information on the album in the top half of the centre window.

Hope this is useful.
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