Easy way to add tracks

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Easy way to add tracks

Post by pobbard »

In MM4 on Windows, you could go File -> Add/Rescan and cut-n-paste a directory path to quickly add files to the database. MM4 would just scan and add the selected directory. Very fast.

In MM5 under "Add/Rescan", it seems you can't cut-n-paste a directory path any longer, and instead you need to manually navigate to the directory - a much less handy process - and then click "Scan Now" to pick-up the newly-added directory... also causing MM5 to rescan ALL watched directories, even the ones marked for scanning only at startup! Overall, a much slower and cumbersome process.

Or am I missing an easier way? Thanks!
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Re: Easy way to add tracks

Post by Lowlander »

There is no Cut & Paste for folder scanning. You can use right click on a folder in the Location and Folders node and start scan from the Context Menu to just get that folder scanned.
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