Change Licence Name / Wi-Fi Sync Server Name

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Change Licence Name / Wi-Fi Sync Server Name

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I'm a long term MM user and have a lifetime gold licence. I'm getting MM for my partner but wanted to buy it myself. Because I bought it that new licence has my name instead of hers. We're getting into wifi synching on the same wifi network and I want to make sure that the android phone clients don't get confused between her library and mine. I figured that one way to separate them is to have her licence have her name instead of mine. So, how do I change her licence to her name so that her library doesn't get confused with mine, and I end up with her music on my phone?
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Re: Change Licence Name

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License is not used to identify MM5 servers by MMA clients. You need to change the name under Tools > Options > Media Sharing in the media server Options. Go to the Server tab and you can change the MM5 name as it appears in MMA: ... .28DLNA.29
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