Updating Tags

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Updating Tags

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To test the functionality of MM5 I installed it as a portable version so that the database would be separate from MM4. So far I prefer the autotag from web using Discogs or Musicbrainz in MM4 vs the autotag feature in MM5. However, the additional fields available in MM5 for auto organize is a great improvement.

I was expecting that when I update tags in MM5 (Ctrl+S) and then rescan those same files in MM4 that those changes would be recognized. For example, I rated some songs under MM5 and then ran update tags (Ctrl+S). I then started MM4, rescanned those files and the ratings did not appear. Why would that be?

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Re: Updating Tags

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Either you didn't set MediaMonkey 5 to update tags on tagging https://www.mediamonkey.com/wiki/WebHel ... g_Settings (or MediaMonkey doesn't have permission on the files to do so) or MediaMonkey 4 isn't set to update tags on rescan (Tools > Options > Library).

Check the Timestamp (MM5) or Date Modified (File Explorer) to see if MM5 is modifying the file after Rating.

And it could be the file type doesn't support the tag: https://www.mediamonkey.com/wiki/WebHel ... erties/5.0
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