Sync to custom folder on iPod with RockBox OS

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Sync to custom folder on iPod with RockBox OS

Post by Riegelstriegel »

Hi there,

I may need your help again. I would like to sync music to an iPod with RockBox OS installed using a folder structure that differs from the default structure used by Apple. (iPod_Control/Music/F*)
On this device I simply use /music/artist/album/track as folder structure because that way you can access the music properly on other computers via file browser.

My question is: Is there a way to adjust the folder format for iPod devices in MediaMonkey 5?
Or simply enabling the file location option that is available to generic devices?

In the past it was enough to simply delete d_iPod.dll but at some point this method stopped working, probably due to some changes made in a MM4 update.

Thanks in advance for any hints or help! :)

In the meanwhile I found the possibility of adding the iPod drive as a folder to Storage and Services. Technically this would exactly solve my problem, but then I noticed that the file location values are not consistently stored.
After editing the file location path in the Sync Profile tab for Music and Classical I click Apply. Sometimes it is enough to switch to another tree node and back and the values are restored to default. Sometimes they are stored for a while and I can sync files to the iPod according to my folder setup. Sorry I can't provide more information. Yet again I am unable to find a way to trigger the bug 100%...
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Re: Sync to custom folder on iPod with RockBox OS

Post by Ludek »

personally I have never tried iPod with RockBox OS, but based on your description it looks that with this OS the iPod is presented like a storage with drive letter in Windows?

And you are trying to just copy the music files (like copying them using Windows Explorer) without the metadata and the iPod's OS can get the file metadata from the file tags?

If that's the case then yes, adding it as "Local folder" storage might work i.e. like this:
which I suppose you have tried?

But I suppose that this will work only when the drive letter for the iPod does not change in the Windows and will sync your library playlists just like plain M3U or PLA files which I am not sure that the iPod's RockBox OS can read?
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Re: Sync to custom folder on iPod with RockBox OS

Post by Riegelstriegel »

Hi Ludek,

RockBox does install itself parallel to the original iPod OS. Even with RockBox on the iPod (iPod Video, 5th Gen btw.), MediaMonkey will still recognize the iPod as original iPod and use the compulsory Apple folder structure.

RockBox is actually capable of scanning the Apple music directory and create its own Database according to the ID3 tags so it would not be necessary at all to change that folder structure. It is just more convenient for me. :)

Maybe I can alter my question to: Is it possible to make MediaMonkey "forget" that something like an iPod exists so that it will treat the iPod like a generic drive and offer alteration of the file path in the sync profile tab?

But the solution with adding the drive as local storage is equally fine for me. I can take care of the drive letter and RockBox can read M3U. Therefore, if there is no easy answer to this very special question that is fine by me.
I know that my use case is very unique and I don't expect a native solution for it at all.

In the meanwhile MM does even remember my custom file location paths. I have no idea what went wrong there, sorry. :-(

Thanks for your time and your support! Much appreciated.
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