Playlists not showing up on Android (SOLVED)

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Playlists not showing up on Android (SOLVED)

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Hi, I'm new to MM5. My version is 5.01.2431. I've purchased MM Gold. I've imported a bunch of playlists and synched to a Galaxy 8. Tracks are there but the playlists are not showing up. I'm using MM app (v1.4.3.0950) on Android (I did not purchase any app, just using free app on Android)

***Edit: I solved this problem by moving the playlists out of 'Imported Playlists' and under the main root for Playlists****
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Re: Playlists not showing up on Android (SOLVED)

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Were they selected to be Synced? If they're selected to be Synced they should Sync and show on your device even when in Imported Playlists.
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