Magic Nodes built into MM

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Magic Nodes built into MM

Post by Eminent »

This is probably my biggest wish besides an integrated visual navigation experience. I'd love the ability to chance the Artist node to whatever suits my needs, instead of having to create a new node with less functionality.
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Post by Lowlander »

MagicNodes is a lot more functional than the build in Artist node and with TweakMonkey you can hide the Artist node.

That doesn't take away that many here agree that MagicNodes and some other scripts should be integrated into MediaMonkey.
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Post by wbgookin »

I love MagicNodes, but the problem is that it loses some of the features of a regular node - for instance, you can't right click a magic node and "Send To". Or "Auto tag from amazon". If we could give a magic node all the same functionality as the built in nodes (as Eminent said), that'd be great!
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Post by Steegy »

I'd like this too, but of course it would be a "gold only" feature (to be consistent).
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Post by Eminent »

I've experienced that hiding the Artist node means that "Go To Artist" doesn't work. I'd wish this function could refer to a Magic Node. Perhaps a script?
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