Mass Tagging Wishlist

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Mass Tagging Wishlist

Post by bobthegoat2001 »

Here's a small wishlist for the Mass Taging:

- I found this in the Wishlist Compilation thread: 'Option to save Album Art both to file's tag AND folder (Status: Low Priority)'. Is there any idea of maybe when this will be implimented?

- Also maybe have an option to put the Label in the 'Publisher' Metadata instead of in 'Organization'. Or maybe put it in both.

- It looks like it's already fixed in the 3.0 beta was to name the cover art 'folder.jpg' instead of the artist. Thanks!

- One last thing I can think of is when naming the ID3 tracks, but a 0 at the beginning, for example 01, 02, 03, ect.

Other than that Media Monkey looks like a great piece of software. Thanks!