Mood & Occasion Autoplaylist

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Mood & Occasion Autoplaylist

Post by martialartsguy »

I've wanted this feature on MM for a long time. I just downloaded the newest version ( and was sad this is not there yet.

What I'm looking for is the ability to create an autoplaylist using the fields of Mood & Occasion in the same manner as the Title field, with the following choices:

Starts With
Doesn't Contain
Doesn't Start With
Doesn't Equal
Is Unknown

Currently the fields of Mood & Occasion only contain "Is" and "Is Unknown".

The reason I'm asking for this is because I have almost all 20k of my songs organized using the following example combinations in these two fields:


This is currently a PITA to work with, since I have to manually go through the list of all of my delineations to find all instances of Background for example. Thanks, and if anyone has any ideas or scripts they know of I'd greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: Just wanted to make a note in here for future reference for people searching for the same usability. MM3 now separates the above with a space after the semicolon, making autoplaylist creation much easier. For example, if one is looking for all instances where the word Mellow exists, just make that the lone choice. If one is looking for where Mellow and Quirky exist, choose both. It doesn't matter if you have delineations like Mellow; Quirky; Upbeat for each track, it just searches for that word in the Tag. Thanks MM!

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