MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

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What do you think about a MediaMonkey suite which consists of a set of interlaced applications?

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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by steve_c »

I would want everything that currently prevents me personally from never starting up iTunes again, i.e., lack of features that prevent a full migration. That would be the ability to sync .aa Audible files and video podcasts.
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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by Peke »

.aa Audible files is licensed commercial format and we at MediaMonkey team would be glad to help them make MM specific Input Plugin, but unfortunately that must be made/supported by Audible not just us.
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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by sam.v.60 »


there was any way in MM2.5 to play videos.
I found her very well, but just to include MM in music videos, concerts ..
S my lack and I often seek a solution.
But I do not want her to become a Videoteque.

I had put all my video files to mpeg, to leave all other files will play with another player (VLC)

Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by rlwmmw »

I fact is, MM does has the best interface for downloading meta-data (tags) from the web and using that data to organize files. It's logical to me that we should be able to leverage that capability to handle the organization of other media as well (not just music). If could search the IMDB or the free moviewebdb, to autotag from the web, I would be extremely happy with that capability!
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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by Bex »

Video support is planned for MM 4, currently in development...
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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by sam.v.60 »

:D :D
super cool, vivement MM 4
:D :D

Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by Neofounain »

all i want to know is when it will come out. i cant wait. i have been converting people to the monkey from itunes (kinda like how i convert people from windows to linux) but they want video just like everyone else. i am not asking for an exact date but an estimate would be nice
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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by Mizery_Made »

The development team doesn't tend to offer up time frames, exactly or otherwise. Given it will be in a major release (4.0), I wouldn't suggest to hold your breath while you wait for it. There was a lot of development put into 3.0 before we got our first glimpse at it. Even then, it was in the form of Alpha testing. Again, given it will be a major update, the testing process will likely take some time as well. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking 3.0 took something like 10 months between the first Alpha and the final release of a Stable build.

You could however, follow the progress that's being made in Mantis. The faster they clear out planned features and bugs in there for the 4.0 build, logic would say the sooner we may see a release. Mind you though, this is all speculation and educated guesses based on the workflow of previous builds.
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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by peter_h »

My vote goes to using VLC as an external player. In fact, I don't see why it can't be added now to MM3 as a minor update, or script addon - double-click the entry and it passes the filename on to VLC to play. I'd be happy to use existing db fields even, so the db structure as it stands would do. At least for now while the video specific side of the db gets worked out.

Using VLC would save a heap of work for you guys as it plays anything, really efficiently. (For example, it plays back my h.264 SD movies on a 700Mhz celeron without maxing the CPU. Media Player Classic, FFmpeg, etc, can't do that.) I love it almost as much as the monkey.

VLC has a raft of interfaces/APIs to control a borderless, GUI-less playback window, so should be easy(?) to integrate into the MM interface...?

I'm all for leveraging the great work gone into tuning VLC's performance. Don't re-invent the wheel and waste resources, I say. :)
:) Pete, from Wellington, New Zealand.

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Re: MediaMonkey Suite (Video support in MM)

Post by ian.sorbello »

Hi all,

I've just finished a VLC integration input plug-in.
Basically, it registers the filetypes M4V (mp4 video), MKV (maktroska), AVI (divx, etc) and ISO (DVD-rip) so that MM will view them when you seek your directories. You can play, pause, seek, set volume etc using the MM controls, and VLC will do it's bidding.

I'm just finishing off the installer to make it easy to install - there are a couple of DLLs and scripts to deal with etc.

Just guaging if there's any interest in this ? - it works great for me on my machine, it seems a shame not to share it.

More info here:

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