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MediaMonkey should fully support MP3HD

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Post by guest »

What about the implementation of mp3HD in Media Monkey?
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Re: mp3HD

Post by nohitter151 »

What's the advantage over other lossless formats such as FLAC?
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Re: mp3HD

Post by guest »

In terms of quality: probably nothing.

In terms of interoperability: The mp3hd is claimed to be backwards compatibel. So the lossless file also includes information, that enables older devices to which are not able to play the lossless contents to at least play the also included lower bitrate-version (e.g. 192 kBit).
The also included lower bitrate version can be set while encoding the material.

On the above mentioned webpage is a linkt to download the commandline-encoding-tool to test this out.

In the package there is also given a *.dll-file which funtions as a Winamp-decoder-plugin to enable Winamp to play the lossless content. If you put this .dll ibnto MediaMonkeys plugin-folder (which is also able to use Winamp-plugins) there occurs an error message while starting. However, if you ignore them and play a mp3HD-encoded file Media Monky plays them.

You can try this out by yourself.

But it would be better to let Media Monkey start the plugin without the error-message. Maybe the decoder-plugin is a Winamp-4-compatible plugin (or at least a somwhat higher version?) and Media Monkey only supports lower versions?
If so, it would be good to correct this ...

Re: mp3HD

Post by Guest »

I'll just second this request.
Would be gr8 to have this annoying error being removed.
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Re: mp3HD

Post by pcmklein »

Though the mp3HD codec is rather new. I Would like to see this to be fully supported in MediaMonkey. It should work similar to the flac support, so the ability to play, convert to mp3HD and from the mp3HD format into all other supported formats.

Please add mp3HD to the Official Wishlist


Re: mp3HD

Post by Steegy_ »

This sounds similar to mp3pro, which ultimately failed among others because software/hardware manufacturers were reluctant to support the feature because there was backward compatibility anyway. Even when manufacturers did not support it, the customer 'would still be able to play the files', be it with less-than-intended quality.

This file format seems to be quite new/commercial, as it isn't on Wikipedia yet ... (which means it's not widely backed).

I've never used FLAC or similar before, but I think it better suits the need, and it is already largely backed/supported.

Of course, if all that's needed is to make an existing Winamp plugin working, then why not?

Just my 1 Eurocent ;)
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Re: mp3HD

Post by bobthegoat2001 »

mp3HD sounds pretty interesting to me, it would be nice to mess around with it. I was thinking of using it to backup my lossless files to Amazon Cloud and/or Google Music since they both don't support any other lossless formats. Google Music supposedly supports FLAC, but if you read the fine print it actually converts it to 320kbit/s MP3's.
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