Increment "played count" in database more often

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Increment "played count" in database more often

Post by Edgar »

I have never had MediaMonkey crash on me -- it is incredibly stable! However, it must coexist with less mannerly programs.

From what I can determine, MediaMonkey does not update the database information for "played count" unless it exits normally. I do not know if the database file supports easy updating or if it is created from scratch in the save process. In the former case, it would be nice to update the applicable information as it changes.

On my system, MediaMonkey is launched automatically at boot and plays continuous music until the computer is shut down (unless I'm watching a DVD or sleeping in which case it is running but not playing). Often, this means that MediaMonkey is continuously open for days at a time.

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Re: Increment "played count" in database more often

Post by nynaevelan »

Your playcounts should be updating as soon as the track stops playing. What type of tracks are you playing? Are these tracks actually a part of the library? If not, then no the playcounts will not be updated in the library.
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