"Tag from Web" improved when AlbumArtist="Various Artists"

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"Tag from Web" improved when AlbumArtist="Various Artists"

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AutoTagging from Web is very frustrating when AlbumArtist="Various Artists", because it most often sends "Various Artists - FirstPartOfAlbumName" as a search term, then, when that inevitably fails, it tries just "Various Artists", which produces a useless result.
I then have to close the window, manually copy the album name into the search box, open the AutoTag window again, wait for the autosearch to find nothing, paste the album name and wait, finally, for the correct results.

It would be much better if I could specify my own criteria as to what to send as a search term, in the form of an expression (similar to Auto-Organize). I would love to see an additional box at the top of the AutoTag window (that persists everytime the AutoTag window opens) that looks like this:

Search for contents of field: [ $if(<Album Artist>=Various Artists,<Album>,<Artist@1> <Album>) ][>>]

...where the expression part of that is user-configurable.
:) Pete, from Wellington, New Zealand.

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Re: "Tag from Web" improved when AlbumArtist="Various Artists"

Post by tinana »

Yes!!!!! I'll second that! Tagging from web for multi-artist albums is a huge hassle, especially where Amazon is concerned.
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