Links to Artist Website

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Links to Artist Website

Post by pelehos »

Perhaps this has been discussed somewhere at some point however I have not found anything as of yet.

One feature I've always liked to have at my disposal is a link to artists website feature. I would like to be able to right click over the album art or track list and in the drop down is a feature that can link me directly to that artists website. I know that I can select from certain web locations to link to which are accessible from the Arrow at the end of every track and so maybe being able to add my own to this list would be nice too? Better yet... I would like to be able to click on that arrow (or displayed album art) and a dedicated drop down appears which will give me customized options to either go directly to the artists website or to look the artist up on YouTube, Wikipedia, Last.FM, MySpace, Facebook, and a Torrent Search Site of Choice ( like

If anyone has seen something like this or can create or suggest code in the creation of this script, please let me know. :P
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Re: Links to Artist Website

Post by hotsw4p »

i was thinking today that it would be nice to have the "Track link" feature that currently has the ability to link to amazon, be able to link to the corresponding page over at I use that website a great deal and feel it would make my life a lot easier. currently i have to pull up my profile page, then click the link they have created on my "recently played" list to get to the track page or artist page. Would be pretty convenient to be able to just mod the "track link" feature to point at and have those little buttons that show up go to the pages!
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Re: Links to Artist Website

Post by richiefinger »

Hi ,
I found this yesterday.
Hope this helps. ... lickforweb
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