When will you port to Linux?

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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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I am completely on board with a linux version. You have my vote. I need to have a lovely stable version of MM on linux. please make this happen.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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I stand ready, willing, and able to alpha/beta test a Linux (or cross-platform) version of MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey is _the_ music management software. I don't like using Wine, and would prefer something native. Please contact me when you have something concrete.

Re: When will you port to Linux?

Post by loic »

Also looking forward to using MediaMonkey on linux.

On wine it has been terrible, and all other music library management software suck.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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VladTepes wrote:This comes up fairly regularly, and its a few months since the previous post but just to clarify - it has been stated before that the developers will wait until MM5 is stable before developing a Linux (or other OS) version.

This is the only sensible thing to do.

From a business point of view the one thing worse than no linux version, would be a poorly implemented unstable Linux version.

So kick back and relax.. good things come in time.
I tend to disagree. Since my windows laptop expired itself, I have NO version of MM at all.. nil.. zilch .. nada.. finito :(
I don't intend to buy another laptop just to run MM, so now I'm forced to find something in Linux to fill the void. I don't actually use MM to play files, or even rip them, I only use it for management of my 3500 odd album collection. My main use was for tagging, embedding artwork, producing reports to store on my phone to avoid duplication when I buy CDs from garage sales, syncing and converting file types to use on other devices. The problem is, I know of no other software that can do all the things I used MM Gold for.

Re: When will you port to Linux?

Post by bat9 »

I am also waiting for MM on Linux. In the interim I am using gmusicbrowser with the Z_ICE_V0.2 layout.
Should you want to try it out I suggest you google "How To - GMusicBrowser and Custom Layouts" to seen Vastone's setup recommendations on the VSIDO Community.

Re: When will you port to Linux?

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I would also love to see MM running natively on linux.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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I just gave up using Windows and moved to Debian.
MMW with wine is no real solution as it ends up in stuttering sound.
Storing music & database on a local network share and running MMW in a virtual machine works but randomly lags extremely.
I really can't wait to see MM running natively under linux, too.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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I migrated to Linux long time back and settled for Clementine. The initial problem was the alsa device kept changing after reboots. This I solved by writing a small script which calls Clementine after modifying Clementine.conf with the right alsa name for my external dac. Clementine is nowhere near MM when it comes to media management. So I am eagerly waiting to replace Clementine with MM.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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I have been using Linux as my primary OS for better than a decade. Just from an hour's worth of work in Media Monkey, I am ready to toss Clementine out the door.

In short, I really would like to have a port of MM for Linux (I am currently using Mint 18.3 KDE).

I am thinking about dropping the money for the Gold edition, but I boot into Windows so rarely, and when I do, it is a painful experience.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

Post by spun »

Is there already a schedule for a Linux version?

I can only agree to the previous Posts, there is nothing the comparable.
And I would not like to entrust with other Programen my collection.
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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jiri wrote: Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:07 am MM5 is the first step to other platforms. We'll focus on this more very soon, we'd just like to clean up MM5 for Windows first. So, while it's very hard to make any promises, I'd like to have at least some preview/alpha versions in 2017.

2017 has come and gone. 2018 is here and almost gone. MM5 betas have been out for a few months now. Will we see MM5 Stable before 2018 is over? Then Mac and linux dev comes next. So Mac users might get MM5 in 2019 if lucky and linux users might finally get MM in a few years?

How many devs are on the MM5 project?
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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It will probably be ready when it is ready ...
Where's the db and ini stored
Reporting Bugs
Where tags are stored

Not affiliated with MediaMonkey ... just a RABID user/lover
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

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Looking forward to MM on Linux. Be happy to help. I've been developing with C++ for many years. Also, would be happy to help with a kickstarter
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Re: When will you port to Linux?

Post by jiri »

Btw, the alpha version of MMS (MediaMonkey Server) is already available for Linux (open-sourced, anyone can contribute). As for a frontend, we'll focus on it right after MM 5.0 release.

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MediaMonkey For Ubuntu?

Post by oliviajayden »

I'm really getting frustrated! I've been trying for months to get media monkey for ubuntu or something at least similar to it! The only thing I want is to save album art to my mp3 files. And I've tried Amarok and it doesn't save the album art for when I transfer it to my phone. (thats where I play my music) Please someone tell me how to get Media Monkey for Ubuntu in a simple way that I can understand. Media Monkey is the best for Windows but sadly I have ubuntu now. Is there a way to get media monkey? Is there something very similar to it? All I want is the album art!! Please help me out
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