Customized File Properties Screen

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Customized File Properties Screen

Post by Solitaire001 »

At present, the file property information is scattered among six tabs on one screen. Often, this makes it necessary to repeatedly move from tab to tab when updating/viewing information on files.

Recommendation: The addition of one tab in the file properties screen. Unlike the other pre-configured tabs, this tab can be customized by the user to feature only those items that he/she chooses to view/update. As an example, the screen could be configured with 10 available slots and the user can choose which item will appear in each slot. Also, the user can designate that this tab is first (so the it automatically appears when opening the file properties screen) or last. The advantage of this addition is that the user would be able to easily access and update the information they most often need to in one place while still having access to all of the fields in the other six tabs.
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Re: Customized File Properties Screen

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Properties customization has already been requested.
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