Multiple Ratinges

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Multiple Ratinges

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It would be great if there were the ability to have multiple ratings for a single song. In my example, my wife may absolutely love a song that makes my ears bleed (I'm sure at times she feels the same). I would like a way that when the song is reviewed by myself on my login it shows as a bomb and when my wife logs in that it shows as a star rating.

The issues I see are:
When syncing to devices (add a choice of user associated to device?)
Syncing ratings back from device (android, iphone, etc...) when the ratings sync back (I hope this a VERY real future feature for Android), how do you ensure the rating is only updated for the individual based on device (same as above perhaps?)

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Re: Multiple Ratinges

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Until the feature is added, one option is to use two of the custom fields to deal with the different ratings. Set one custom field for your song rating and the other for your wife's. Then you can separate the songs by the use of auto playlists and/or collections, and use these to sync the appropriate songs with your audio players.
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