Save/Export Settings

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Save/Export Settings

Post by bobthegoat2001 »

One of the things I hate doing (whether just upgrading, doing a clean install, or installing a portable version of Mediamonkey) is re-doing the settings every time. There are many settings that I like changing within Mediamonkey (even having a custom export to my MP3 player) and often times I forget what most of them are, until I come around to doing that specific option.

What would be nice is a way to export and import your "Workspace". This often times keeps me from updating Mediamonkey, just so that I don't have to re-do it all again.
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Re: Save/Export Settings

Post by trixmoto »

You can use my Backup script to save things like the .ini file (which holds most of the settings) and the registry (which holds a lot of the layout and your Gold-key), amongst other things. This also creates a Restore.vbs file you can click to restore the backup.
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