MP4 tag problems

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MP4 tag problems

Post by T3KN0GH057 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:28 am

seems support for MP4 (m4a) tags is not up to par. Unfortunate since this is all i use to rip my audio.

My m4a tags keep getting modified to non-conforming info. The Disc# keeps getting changed to 0. The Track Numbers keep getting changed to "<TrackNumber>\\". And There seems to be no support at all for iTunes tags <DISCTOTAL> & <TRACKTOTAL>. Not to mention (which i actually did in another post... ... =1&t=69821) that my dates are getting their leading zeros replaced with spaces.

is this a problem with some setting that i'm missing or is this just the mp4 tag implementation's fault?

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Re: MP4 tag problems

Post by jiri » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:54 am

We aren't aware of any such a problem. Please provide more info, possibly mp4 tracks that exhibit the problem, MM version, etc.


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Re: MP4 tag problems

Post by T3KN0GH057 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:30 am

Oh you'll never see the problem using media monkey alone (I use Mp3Tag to run some automated fixes for certain tags (lyrics, & File/Folder rename - because Mediamonkey's support for these options doesn't actually satisfy my needs - it leaves behind the images and other info i keep in album folders for XBMC usage). And after editing the files updating tag in mediamonkey i move over to mp3tag , and the date/year, disc# is fouled up.

using mediamonkey version 4.06.1501

I'd send you a file to show you ...but there's no way to attach files in your forum, and even then i wouldn't want people downloading them as they have my iTunes Account info embedded in them.

And i'm sorry, i made a mistake it's the Disc# that saves as "<DiscNumber>\\<DiscTotal>"
and if there is no DiscNumber it changes the discnumber to "0"

Before MM:
Editing Abitrary tag in MM:
After Editing tag with MM:

EDIT: the reason why the "<DISCNUMBER>\\<DISCTOTAL>" doesn't show on the grid in Mp3Tag is because its set to show ONLY numeric (for sorting purposes) for Those fields as that's ALL that should be in them

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Re: MP4 tag problems

Post by Lowlander » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:51 am

You can contact support directly: ... &_a=submit Use a service like or to upload the file(s) and add the link(s) to the files in your support ticket.
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tagging issues with MP4 files

Post by longwood8 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:51 am

It appears that MediaMonkey does not follow convention with disc number and track number tagging of mp4 audio files. I discovered this by renaming and viewing tracks in several tagging tools including iTunes, mp3tag, and TagScanner. These other tools all write the tags to the same filed while MediaMonkey uses a different field. Specifically:

disc number: MediaMonkey writes to "DISCNUMBER" while the others write to "DISC"
track number: MediaMonkey writes to "TRACKNUMBER" while the others write to "TRACK"

The issues may also be present for total tracks and total discs but I did not test for it.

I see that this was raised several years ago in this thread: ... =1&t=69833 but the problem persists. Since I still use iTunes to sync my music this essentially makes mediamonkey unusable for me as changes made in mediamonkey do not show in iTunes and vice versa.

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Re: tagging issues with MP4 files

Post by Peke » Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:37 am

There is number of fixes in 4.1.15 including non standard adoption of Disk# termination. Will investigate it further today but read: ... lac-files/

At one point we had disagreement with some of devs of those other apps around format even it was non standardized, anyhow MMW support and write both standards. If you have sample file please send download link to me on PM.
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