Analyze Volume Improvements

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Analyze Volume Improvements

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The Analyze Volume feature is a great function but needs some improvement.

I feel that the volume anaylsis needs to be based on a psycho-acoustic model that estimates percieved volume rather than actual volume. Even after you have applied leveling some tracks sound a lot louder than others.

Using the readily availible Christina Aguilera album Stripped as an example to demonstrate the problem:

1. Rip the album to Ogg format.

2. Analyze the track volumes.

3. Enable the Level Volume function and play the album.

4. You will notice that tracks 5 and 7, the Interludes, sound excessively loud.

If you look at the dB values for the volume of the tracks on this album you will see that most tracks are given a value in the range -13dB to -8dB. The interlude tracks however get a value that is near 0dB or even a positive value.

There is another shortcomming to MM as well. MM does not allow you to manualy edit the value directly to correct the problem. I had to delete the tracks from the MM library, edit the Ogg tag using a 3rd party tool, and re-add the track to MM.

It would be nice if MM allowed you to easily tweak the volume leveling value when needed.

What about adding a dynamic leveling function with soft clipping to the playback? This would eliminate the need for pre-analysis. Does anyone know of a playback plugin that can do this?

An unstable person like me needs constant leveling :wink:
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Has been discussed

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You migth want to browse through the forum as this topic has been covered before, you can read others thoughts and program makers responses.
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