I would love to use MediaMonkey to organize all of my files on my computer

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I would love to use MediaMonkey to organize all of my files on my computer

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I would love to be able to use MediaMonkey to organize all of my files on my computer!

The problem: Microsoft's folder system only allows a file to be categorized into one, and only one category. Every time I add a new file to my computer have to choose one, and only one category (file path & folder) in which to place the file. The only way around this is to have multiple copies of the file. Multiple copies is workable for files like pictures, or received emails that will not be modified, but not for a document or a spreadsheet that I might update from time to time--there's no way to keep all copies updated.

The solution: The beauty of MediaMonkey's organization system is that there is one file, but with playlists, I can categorize that file into as many categories as one I want to! And subcategories too! I could make a category for special events, then subcategories for each event. And a category for contacts, then a subcategoy for each contact. Then, a journal entry about that event could be categorized by the event and by every person involved in that event so that if I look at a contact's subcategory I could see every memory I've ever saved about that person! Or every idea I've had about a particular interest!

And the second beauty is that, in the database, you can have metadata fields that don't exist for file types other than pictures & music. I could then add things like a description of the file, describe the reason I'm saving it, a "save until date", etc.

I often have ideas that I want to save that fit into more than one category. But presently I have to have a debate in my head over which is the one best category for this idea? And the more I debate it the more likely it is that I won't be able to remember where I put it.

A lot of ideas wouldn't even need a file. They could just be saved in the metadata fields in the MM database!

As a minimum, as I understand MediaMonkey's Access database, if the database were just opened up to all file types I could use MM to organize all of my files. But I'm sure there are further development issues that would make it work it better for this purpose.

I have more details in my dreams about this, but I hope this enough to spark your imagination as to the power & possibilities of doing this--MediaMonkey could become the must have tool that sits on top of the operating system for file organization!

One more dream I would like to introduce:

The problem: Emails are not stored as individual files--they're locked up in one Outlook file. Ultimately, I would want MediaMonkey to be my email software too, so that my emails too, could all be integrated into my one categorization tool / system.

At the very least, please tell me about what it would take to make this doable for my own use--is it as simple as opening up the database to all file types?

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Please let me know your thoughts