Allow auto-conversion in Opus codec and CAF file format to iPhone

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Allow auto-conversion in Opus codec and CAF file format to iPhone

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iOS has been supporting Opus since version 11:

en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Opus_(audio_format)#Operating_system_support
www.xda-developers .com/ios-11-android-support-opus-audio-codec-mp3-successor/

This codec simply beats the hell out of other codecs, like MP3 or AAC. You need to listen to it yourself, just try a 84 kbps opus file, then an AAC file, and oooh boy. You get the same quality at half the disk space used. Quite ridiculous indeed.

Now, this would be an extremely useful addition to save space on our mobile devices.

Generating Opus files is rather easy via GUI using foobar2000 and opus-tools:

www.foobar2000 .org/download
opus-codec .org/downloads/

Or for the tech-savvy using ffmpeg:

ffmpeg.zeranoe .com/builds/

The catch about Opus files is that iOS only supports them via the .caf file format. But that's not a big deal either. To convert your files not already in Opus, just:

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ffmpeg.exe -i input.mp3 -c:a libopus output.caf
To put your Opus files into .caf:

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ffmpeg.exe -i input.opus -c:a copy output.caf
And here comes the problem. How do I put this on my iPhone? MediaMonkey doesn't have a filter for .caf files in the library selection. So far the only solution I've found is to upload the file to OneDrive, then download on my iPhone via the OneDrive app to "On My iPhone", then I can open the Files app, navigate to "On My iPhone", and THEN it plays it back beautifully.

Please, make MediaMonkey support this format for auto-conversion so that I can have these Opus files in .caf format on my iPhone and listen to them in the Music app!

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