Auto-Renaming with no changes in tag

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Auto-Renaming with no changes in tag

Post by anxious »

Aut0-Renaming with no changes in the tag results in the track being deleted from the library.

Post by anxious »

I meant when there is no change in the filename
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More info needed

Post by Lowlander »

Can you tell us what version of MM you are using, what OS and how exactly you renamed?

I don't have any problems with this myself!
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Post by anxious »

Using WinXP

I am a very experienced user of MM. I know last time there was a similar problem with one of the betas for 2.1.

When Auto-Renaming, when nothing is highlighted to change, and I hit Okay, it removes the track from the library, not my computer though.
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Post by jaxjon »

He is right. Go out of folder then back in if working with track 1 then when go back there is no track 1. Not like it was in this old thread ... ight=#1373

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Post by jiri »

Thanks for all the info, I was able to reproduce and fix it.

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