B1 - Bug in renaming files

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B1 - Bug in renaming files

Post by GeWi »

I love the way MM3 handles renaming large collections of files. It simply renames the files that need to be renamed en leaves the others untouched.
I think though there are some minor bugs in renaming. Say I want to rename files to \My Mp3's\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Track> - <Artist> - <Title>.
When there's an album title like "Who's your bird ?" (notice the space between bird and the question mark), then the album title will be renamed to "Who's your bird " (notice the space after bird). If I repeat the renaming all titles will still be marked in yellow. When I rename the original files to "Who's your bird?" (without a space before the question mark), everything works like expected.

A similar thing happens with files without any track number filled in. MM3 will try to rename "- Artist - Title" to " - Artist - Title" (notice the space in the second part). Again when I repeat the renaming command all files remain marked yellow. This is solved by filling in a track number.
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Post by Teknojnky »

The file mask behavior of empty fields, leaves a lot to be desired.

You can however, utilize the $if() in the file mask..

more details are in the MM help file for file masks


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\Music\$if(<track#>,<track#> - ,)<title>)
You can get really really complex, with nested if statements too... my final auto-organize code that I use after tracks metadata/art/etc added/cleaned up.

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J:\Music\$if(<Album Artist>,$if(<Album Artist>=<Artist>,<Artist@1>,$if(<Album Artist>=various,_Various\$if(<Year>,<Year> - )<Album>,$if(<Album Artist>=soundtrack,_Soundtrack\$if(<Year>,)<Album>,$if(<Album Artist>=Techno,_Techno\$if(<Year>,<Year> - )<Album>,<Album Artist@1>\<Album Artist>)))),<Artist@1>)\$if(<Album Artist>,$if(<Album Artist>=<Artist>,<Artist>\,),<Artist>\)\$if(<Album Artist>,$if(<Album Artist>=<Artist>,<Artist>,<Album Artist>),<Artist>)$if(<Album>,$if(<Year>, - <Year>) - <Album>$if(<Track#>, - <Track#>,),)$if(<Album Artist>,$if(<Album Artist>=<Artist>, - <Title>, - <Artist> - <Title>), - <Title>)
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