Beta 1+2: Track Browser Behaviour

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Beta 1+2: Track Browser Behaviour

Post by durden999uk »

This may well have been an issue from the first alpha, but I have only just joined the testing process. The default behaviour of the track browser (the three pane, genre, artist, album thing) is to jump to the artist of any new track that is playing, e.g. I could be looking for new songs to queue up, and whilst I'm doing so, the next song in the playlist comes on - which makes the track browser automatically narrow the artist column to the single artist whose song has started playing (if you follow). This is obviously very annoying, and means I have to relocate the artist I was browsing before the new song started.

It is also worth noting that the track browser resets itself whenever I change the volume using my computers built in touch controls. Also annoying.

And finally, would it be possible to see the option for a two pane setup (just artist and album), as I have no need for more than that.

I am running Vista 32-bit, if that is any help.