PPC Playlists wrong path

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PPC Playlists wrong path

Post by feppa »

When i sync Mediamonkey with my PPC device (WM 6) i get the wrong paths for playlists. The problem is that i sync to my memorycard that i showing up as an other device than my ppc. My ppc whats the path /Minneskort/Mp3 (Minneskort is the path to my sd card on ppc) but i must config MM /Mp3/ for the files to turn up on /Minneskort/Mp3 on the ppc. Wherefore the playlist paths gets wrong. Any idea on how to get the playlists right?

Hope you understand med.
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Post by Ludek »

If you use auto-sync, the Playlists' destination is configured via
[x] Copy Playlists [Options...] button (on the 'Device Configuration' tab of device profile)
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