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Colors; Artists

Post by Gert »

* I have my complete CD - Collection in the database and everything is (of course) marked as "not reachable" and therefore displayed gray, that means with low contrast. I'd like to select colors myselfe with more contrast or / and different collors (even for each genre).

* Now we have "Artist" and "Album Artist" in the "Propeties" and I think it's necessary to have them both also in the tree list on left side for better selection.
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Post by jiri »

- Currently you can only change the background by using a different skin, which could help you to get required contrast. Color themes for text (including powerful highlighting) is planned, but will not be in this version.

- Currently both fields are combined into one in the tree - 'artist' shows its tracks in the song view, 'album artist' shows its album as sub-nodes in the tree. Do you really think it is necessary to differentiate them?

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